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Wanda Mann was a character appearing in A Game of You, one of Barbie's best friends.



Wanda apparently grew up on a farm in the mid-west, and whose parents were incapable of understanding their child's gender identity. At one point, when speaking about the past, Wanda stated that her parents told others that "Alvin" was dead, whenever anyone asked about their "son".

After becoming involved in the Dreaming, Barbie and her friends learned that a storm, resulting from the witch Thessaly's spell, had killed Wanda.

At Wanda's funeral, Barbie found her buried under the name Alvin Mann; and when left alone, violently obliterated the name "Alvin" and wrote the name Wanda on the tombstone.

Barbie later dreamed of Wanda and Death, who both waved goodbye to her.