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Father Time is the embodiment of the primordial time and existence as a whole. Time is the father of The Endless.


In the beginning there was Time: the relentless beat in which things could happen, which everything could become. Father Time is the personification of Time and rules over his domain. Time is the father to the Endless and with his partner Night, made all of Creation possible.

However, in present times, Time and Night are separated and estranged from their families. Even if they keep occasional contact with their offsprings, they spend their existences apart. Even so, Time misses Night.


Time is constantly changing from a young boy to a middle-aged, then an elderly man in a random pattern.


Time is particularly lonely, although he prefers it so, as he does not want to have any contact with his own children. To his mind, the only reason any of his children visit him is that they want something - besides Destiny, who asks nothing of him because Time gave him all he had as his birthright. Destiny leaves him alone.

The one person he is interested in meeting again is Night.



Powers and Abilities[]

  • Dimensional Manipulation
  • Divine Powers
  • Reality Manipulation
  • Time Manipulation

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In his younger form, Time resembles his third son, Destruction.