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The Sandman Universe is a series of comic books set in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman. Published by DC Comics and created by Neil Gaiman, the line was launched to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman and Vertigo's 25th anniversary. The line consists of ongoing series to explore, as Gaiman puts it, "corners of the Sandman Universe". The project launched in August 2018 with a titular one-shot. Each comic is overseen by Gaiman but written by new creative teams.[1]

The series reboots the previous spin-offs of The Sandman franchise and takes place in the continuity of the Sandman. As such, the characters and events in the spin-offs have been retconned or ignored.[1]


Year One consisted of the one-shot and four new series that followed up:

  • The Sandman Universe #1, a 'the story thus far' volume, intended to bring readers up to speed with what is happening in Dream's realm. The story was plotted by Gaiman but co-written by the four series writers.[1]
  • The Dreaming, written by Si Spurrier and launched in September 2018; a series following "The Sandman supporting characters like Lucien the librarian and Matthew the Raven as they navigate a Dreaming without Dream."[1]
  • House of Whispers, written by Nalo Hopkinson and launched in September 2018; a series that "explores how the voodoo deity Erzulie ended up in the Dreaming with her house."
  • Lucifer, written by Dan Watters and launched in October 2018; "which finds [Lucifer Morningstar] blind and destitute, trapped living in a small boarding house in a quiet town where no one can ever leave."[1]
  • Books of Magic, written by Kat Howard and launched in October 2018; a "follow up on Gaiman's 1990 miniseries of the same name and explore Timothy Hunter’s magical education as he’s torn between two powerful destinies."[1]

Year Two was launched in October 2019, beginning with a one-shot set in the current DC Universe:

Year Three was launched in April 2022:



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