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"The Dreamworld is infinite, although it is bounded on every side, there are two gates in the Dreaming: the gates of Horn and the gates of Ivory, those gates were carved by Morpheus himself when the world was young to set some order. The dreams that pass through the gates of ivory are lies, figments, and deceptions. The other admits the truth."

The Dreaming is the world where people go to dream. It is the domain of Morpheus, also known as Dream of the Endless. It is under his complete control. Dream can add and remove places in the Dreaming as he pleases. As long as he is in the Dreaming, neither he nor any of his guests can be harmed.


The Dreaming is a metaphysical plane of symbol, belief, and imagination that is ever-changing. The inhabitants of the Dreaming are called dreams and nightmares, often they are gods, myths, and even ordinary human beings who later became dreams.

The Dreaming and its Master, have evidenced a direct relation between them, it accommodates Dream's wishes, and it is what he wants it to be. More telling, however, is that it is also affected by his moods and his condition, as seen when was imprisoned. During his tenure in the glass ball, The Dreaming was fading and collapsing just as he was.

Morpheus can also create portals to The Dreaming in the waking world; he can cross between worlds at will, and he can create and destroy beings or places within his realm. In the heart of the dreaming is Dream's castle, the front gate of which is guarded by a Gryphon, a Wyvern, and a Hippogryph.

The Dreaming also encompasses Abel's House of Secrets and Cain's House of Mystery, both located in the frontiers of nightmare, Eve's cave, and Fiddler's Green. Denizens include the Fashion Thing, Matthew the Raven, Gregory, Goldie, and Mervyn Pumpkinhead.

Known Locations[]