Shivering Jemmy of the Shallow Brigade, princess of Chaos, was among the petitioners to arrive at Dream's palace trying to lay claim to the vacant Hell, and arrived in the guise of a young girl.

She was offered hospitality, and consumed a great deal of ice cream at dinner. When she spoke privately with Dream later that evening, he asked what she was trying to offer him for his favor.  She corrected him, saying she offered nothing, but was threatening him: "Give us the Hell of Lucifer, or the entire host of Chaos will be at your throat until the end of time." She altered from her guise of a child of six to a monstrous, looming hulk which towered over Dream - he was not impressed. He told her to stop at once, she reverted to her child form, and offered him her balloon.

When Dream gave the key to Hell to the Angel Duma, he drily asked of her if he had incurred the wrath of Chaos. She scoffed, telling him they had "made that stuff up," they just hadn't wanted anyone else to get Hell.  She thanked him for his hospitality and left the Dreaming.