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Midnight Theatre is a special one-shot/cross-over issue with The Sandman comic series (created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith, and Mike Drigenberg) and the Sandman Mystery Theatre comic sereis. Sandman Midnight Theatre was co-written by Sandman Mystery Theatre author Matt Wagner (co-plot) and The Sandman author Neil Gaiman (co-plot/script). It was originally released in September 1995.


1939. England stands at the brink of war.

Following a trail of blackmail, murder and suicide, Wesley Dodds - the mysterious crime fighter known only as the Sandman - travels from New York to London and discovers a circle of socialites obsessed with the occult.

His dangerous quest takes him on a mission in the rough East End to a strange party at the Sussex manor house that is home to the Order of Ancient Mysteries.

Deep in the sprawling guts of "Fawney Rig", the Sandman uncovers black schemes, hidden identities and the mystic sphere that imprisons Dream of Endless.


  • Forthcoming


Featured Characters[]

Supporting Characters[]

  • Dian Belmont


Other Characters[]

  • The Cannon


  • Forthcoming

Continuity Notes[]

  • This crossover takes place between the events of Sandman Mystery Theatre story lines The Python and The Mist (issues #36 and #37), and during the narrative time frame of Sleep of the Just.


  • In 1996, it received the Comics Buyer's Guide Fan Award for Favorite Original Graphic Novel/Album of 1995.
  • Inspired by stories from Leslie Charteris (creator of The Saint) and occult novelist Dennis Wheatley.

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