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The Sandman: Book of Dreams (1996), edited by Ed Kramer and Neil Gaiman, is an anthology of short stories based on The Sandman comic book series.


The stories in The Sandman: Book of Dreams range in setting from battlefield to deathbed, from a ghost-ridden cellar to a hotel convention of serial killers, from a celebration in a medieval castle to a bloody downtown "rave". The stories tell of those who never dream, and of those who never awaken; of the dreams that die unborn, and those that outlive their dreamers; of Morpheus and his elder sister, Death (and their siblings Destruction, Desire, and Destiny); of murderous Cain and trusting Abel; of Matthew and Lucien and Fiddler's Green.


Preface by Frank McConnell

  1. Masquerade and High Water by Colin Greenland
  2. Chain Home, Low by John M. Ford
  3. Stronger Than Desire by Lisa Goldstein
  4. Each Damp Thing by Barbara Hambly
  5. The Birth Day by B.W. Clough
  6. Splatter by Will Shetterly
  7. Seven Nights in Slumberland by George Alec Effinger (this features Little Nemo)
  8. Escape Artist by Caitlín R. Kiernan
  9. An Extra Smidgeon of Eternity by Robert Rodi
  10. The Writer's Child by Tad Williams
  11. Endless Sestina by Lawrence Schimel
  12. The Gate of Gold by Mark Kreighbaum
  13. A Bone Dry Place by Karen Haber
  14. The Witch's Heart by Delia Sherman
  15. The Mender of Broken Dreams by Nancy A. Collins
  16. Ain't You 'Most Done? by Gene Wolfe
  17. Valóság and Élet by Steven Brust
  18. Stopp't-Clock Yard by Susanna Clarke
  19. Afterword: Death by Tori Amos


  • Cover by Dave McKean
  • Frontispiece by Clive Barker

Continuity Notes[]

  • Forthcoming


  • Neil dedicates an apology to Harlan Ellison, Jane Yolen, Martha Soukup, and Charles de Lint, whose works were to feature in the collection but due to an unfortunate misunderstanding about contracts were not included.
  • Charles de Lint eventually released his story with minor changes as, Shining Nowhere but in the Dark in his collection Moonlight and Vines.
  • Karawynn Long, who was also contacted to write an entry, would later self-publish her story, The Voice of Her Eyes on her website.