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The Sound of Her Wings is issue 8 of the Sandman comic series. Created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith, and Mike Drigenberg it was originally released June 27, 1989.


Spend a day with Dream as he catches up with his older sister, Death, in search of inspiration. When the King of Dreams is depressed, can even a pep talk from Death set him on the right path?


Dream is resting after his ordeals, feeding pidgeons and brooding near Washington Square Arch while teenagers are playing football nearby. He is joined by his cheerful sister Death who immediately sees that something is wrong with her brother. He confesses that after taking revenge on his captors and retrieving his sigils of power he feels drained and no longer has a sense of purpose that has been driving him. Death chastises him for being infantile and wallowing in self-pity instead of calling her for help, revealing she has been worrying about him. They are interrupted by a rogue ball from one of the teenagers, which Death catches. Franklin, the football player, seems smitten by her and asks if he can see her later, to which she answers affirmatively.

Death then takes Dream along with her as she is performing her job. They visit Harry, an old Jewish violinist; Esmé, an aspiring comedian zapped on-stage by a faulty microphone; a suddenly dying small baby; and countless other people. Before taking each of her charges, Death manages to find comforting words for everyone, never losing her cheerful attitude. While walking and chatting with his sister, Dream finds himself wondering about humanity and their attitude towards death, puzzled that they fear "the sunless lands" but each night willingly come to his realm - although he deems himself far more terrible.

Death's last appointment, as promised, is with Franklin who gets hit by a car why chasing another rogue ball. In the end, walking by Death's side and experiencing the humanity firsthand lifts the darkness from Dream's soul. Before Death leaves, he thanks her for reminding him about the responsibilities of The Endless and giving him much to think about. He conjures a handful of grain from his sand and returns to feeding the pidgeons, this time with newfound solace.


Featured Characters[]

Other Characters[]

  • Franklin
  • Harry
  • Esmé
  • Desire (mentioned only)


Continuity Notes[]

  • Forthcoming


  • Forthcoming


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