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Richard Madoc is an English writer who used the muse Calliope to rise in fame.


Richard found himself blocked, so he traded with another writer for the possession of the muse Calliope who had been held captive by Erasmus Fry for years. He told Madoc, "They say one ought to woo her kind, but I must say I found force most efficacious." Madoc, like Fry before him, abused Calliope by raping her regularly and stealing her creativity to fulfill his selfish ambition of fame and fortune. Of course, a second successful novel was not enough. Nor was a third, or a poetry collection, play, or a deal to write and direct the film adaptation of one of his books. For Madoc, it would never be enough.

Calliope, meanwhile called upon the triad known as the Furies, the Kindly Ones, or the Gracious Ladies, for help. They directed her to Morpheus, who was once her lover, and who was then similarly imprisoned.

Upon his release from imprisonment, Dream went to rescue Calliope. Madoc returned home to find Dream waiting for him. Dream insisted that Calliope be released, but Madoc whined that without her he would have no ideas. Disgusted, he granted Madoc ideas in abundance. Madoc suddenly began to experience an overabundance of ideas. He could not concentrate on any one thing because another idea popped into his head before he had even acknowledged the last.

Finally, Madoc begged an acquaintance to go to his house and free the muse. Calliope, however, was already gone, only a copy of Erasmus Fry's out-of-print book remained in her former prison.

Eventually, Calliope asked Dream to release Madoc from his torment. Dream complied, but after Dream freed Madoc, the man seemed to have no more ideas at all.


  • Madoc's book, Her Wings was mentioned in a few other stories by Neil Gaiman including The Last Temptation, as an inside joke.
  • One of Madoc's works, The Spirit Who Had Half Of Everything, took its name from an unused chapter title in an early draft of James Branch Cabell's Figures of Earth.