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Niko Sasaki is a teen girl who left Japan to go to high school in Port Townsend, Washington, after her father died. However, she was forced to drop out after being afflicted by supernatural parasites. Her brush with death granted her the ability to see ghosts, now allowing her to help the Dead Boy Detectives during their investigations, using her skills she learned from watching Scooby-Doo and reading lots of manga.


Infected by dandelion sprites[]

Unbeknown to Niko, she is infected by dandelion sprites, who feed on adoration and attention, which they gain as exuding a fuzzy pink light. They make people look at Niko, and they eat up the attention, and when they grow strong enough, they explode from out the host. Upon making this discovery, Crystal and the Dead Boy Detectives offer to help, though she is initially reluctant to accept their help, locking herself in the bathroom until Crystal expresses that she can relate to Niko due to her own family troubles. Niko then informs them about a shrine in the woods she came across, which is when she likely got infected. The boys go to investigate, whilst Crystal stays behind to watch Niko, who grabs her arm as the dandelion sprites within take control and try to force Crystal to look at them. They demand that Crystal give them what they want, or else they will tear Niko asunder and find a new nest. And so, Crystal offers herself to the sprites in exchange for Niko, revealing that she is a medium, meaning that they could feed off all the attention from the living and the dead, and they'll never go hungry again. They accept Crystal's offer and exit Niko's body. It's a small man and women named Litty and Kingham. They lung at Crystal, but Charles captures them with the enchanted jar. Niko's hair turns white, and she is now able to see ghosts as a result of it all.[1]

Discovering Jenny's secret admirer[]

Netflix Dead Boy Detectives 104 The Case of the Lighthouse Leapers 13 Niko Crystal

Niko and Crystal offer to help Jenny with her secret admirer

Niko and Crystal make their way down into the butcher shop to pay their rent. It's then that the girls discover that a secret admirer is sending Jenny love letters, with Crystal and Niko offering to help her find her admirer, but she turns down their help.[2]

While dropping off a letter for her mom at the mailbox, Niko notices a woman with a letter, who she believes to be Jenny's secret admirer. Niko follows her to the library and discovers that the secret admirer is Maxine the librarian, who she confronts directly. Niko shares her discovery with Jenny and explains that she's even set up a dinner for them at the shop tonight. Jenny is skeptical, as every eligible bachelorette in town is a crazy cat lady, but Niko simply wants to help, saying that Jenny won't have to be alone and spooky anymore. Niko promises to personally clear Jenny's floors for an entire month if the date isn't amazing. Unfortunately, when Niko and Crystal return to the shop later that night, they find Maxine dead and discover that she was a lunatic stalker.[3]

Stricken with guilt, Niko gets rid of all her romance oriented decorations in response to the whole psycho date-murder incident with Maxine, which is also the last time Niko has even spoken to Jenny. And so later, Niko insists that she and Jenny talk, as Jenny's been avoiding her. Niko suspects that Jenny is mad at her for pushing her to believe in love, only for it to backfire. Upset, Jenny decides to set some boundaries, reminding Niko that they're not friends and that their business is theirs alone to mind. Brought to tears, Niko flees upstairs, though Jenny later apologizes for snapping at her. Even though there's no way she could've known about Maxine, Jenny is finding it hard to forgive Niko. At least at the moment. Niko is upset with herself, saying that she should stay in her room forever so that she can't mess anything else up. However, Jenny refuses to allow Niko to change herself into some kind of pity-party shut-in. So if Niko loves love and wants to help people, she should do that, just not with Jenny.[4]

Sacrificing herself[]

Netflix Dead Boy Detectives 108 The Case of the Hungry Snake 02 Niko Crystal

Niko and Crystal seek out the Cat King

After Esther blows up the shop with them inside and takes the Boys captive, Niko and Crystal prepare to go after them, but first they pay the Cat King a visit for intel on Esther, and then they stop by Tragic Mick's shop for black salt. He reveals that Esther built an awful device and gives Niko a lucky charm, free of charge. He recalls how Niko listened to his story and tried to help, explaining that they never know when the good they do might come back around. The girls then sneak into Esther's house to free the boys. The plan is for Niko to save Edwin while Crystal keeps Esther distracted. Unfortunately, Niko drops the keys, alerting Esther, who knocks her against the wall. Niko jumps back to her feet and jumps into front of Crystal, sacrificing herself as Esther, who shoots a magical shard her way. Niko blocks Crystal from the attack but is impaled in the heart and dies almost instantly.

An aurora borealis above the sky, Litty and Kingham are located within some kind of frozen landscape, tucked away inside an igloo and warmed by a fire with a third person, possibly Niko, as this person has in their hand the same bear-designed good luck charm that Tragic Mick gifted Niko.[5]

Physical Appearance[]

Niko originally has straight black hair, but, after being possessed by the dandelion sprites it turns white.

Powers and Abilities[]

Temporary Powers[]

  • Altered Physiology: When Niko was possessed by the dandelion sprites Litty and Kingham, her body began to produce light images that attracted the attention of humans to feed her possessors. After they left, Niko returned to normal for the most part, but her hair, which was initially black, permanently turned white.


  • Mediumship: Niko's near-death experience granted her the ability to see ghosts.


  • Bilingualism: Niko speaks both Japanese and English fluently.
  • Expert Reader: She helps the boys after they return from hell by reciting the night nurse's book. She then says "I have excellent reading comprehension skills!" She also is a big manga and whatnot fan.
  • Expert Conversationalist: She has shown to be great at holding conversation especially in The Case of the Light Leapers. She uses this skill to get information from Asha, even Edwin is impressed at her commitment.
  • Amateur detective skills: She is a relatively good detective. She watchs a lot of Scooby Doo.


  • Mortality: She may be able to see ghosts but she is still human. Meaning she can still be injured, Incapacitated, and or killed.


Season 1[]


  • Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.


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