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Mother Night is a cosmic being introduced in The Sandman: Overture, the embodiment of the absolute emptiness that predates creation.

She is revealed to be the mother of The Endless with her consort, Time.


Before the beginning was the night. And the night was without boundaries and the night was without end.

It is unknown how Night came to exist. She is the mother to the Endless, but has little interest in her children.

Night was first seen in Overture, bathing in a pool of darkness in her realm, and singing a tune that catches the attention of her son, Dream. After visiting his father, Dream goes to his mother where she is seen to be more humble than Time. After hearing Dream out, she offers him sanctuary in her domain where he will be provided with a small imitation of his realm, but Dream declines prompting Night to kick him out, condemning him to the black hole he used to access her realm.


Night's physical form is a portly woman with long black hair who strongly resembles her daughter Despair. Her skin is night blue and contains the night sky. She wears a lavender dress with black and blue embroidery.


Night is disconnected from all things in reality and is utterly self-centered. It is commented that she plays favorites with her children, ignoring some while adoring the others. Given that she shrugs off Dream’s comment on her neglect of her youngest daughter, Delirium, without much of a reaction, it appears she lacks empathy.

She’s does, however, display some attachment to Dream. She fondly calls him “darling” and various other monikers, and offers to provide him sanctuary and happiness in her realm as the universe ends, saying that he would be able to see her whenever he wants. She is angry when he refuses, calling him selfish. Neil Gaiman, the writer of The Sandman said that Night plays favorites with her children.

She shows detachment to her surroundings and doesn't often show strong emotions. She does, however, get angry at Dream for causing her inconvenience.

Powers and Abilities

Little is known of Night's abilities, but it is said her physical form is beyond any level of the "event" concept.

Behind the Scenes

  • She is based in the Greek goddess, Nyx.
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