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Lucifer Morningstar is a fallen angel and the previous ruler of Hell.


He is largely based on Lucifer Morningstar in John Milton's Paradise Lost, though adapted to the Vertigo/DC universe.

Lucifer usually appears as a tall, handsome blonde. He is styled after David Bowie, the late rock star and actor.

History Edit


Lucifer Morningstar

Lucifer first appeared Preludes and Nocturnes and faces Dream when he goes to Hell in search of his helm. Dream challenges and defeats a demon for possession of the helm. When Dream said Lucifer was being honorable in his actions, he replied, "Honorable? You joke, surely...the million lords of Hell stand arrayed about you. Tell us why we should let you leave? You have no power here - what power have dreams in hell?" Dream, however, embarrassed Lucifer with his reply; "What power would Hell have if those here imprisoned were not able to dream of Heaven?"

When Lucifer reappeared in Season of Mists, he told Dream's emissary, Cain, that when Morpheus had so embarrassed him in public, he swore then to destroy him, and seemed delighted that Dream was returning to Hell. When the two came face to face, Lucifer informed Dream "I've quit. I've stopped. I've resigned. I am leaving." He had emptied Hell, and was abandoning it, and that he owed the the decision to the Dream Lord. He asked Morpheus to cut off his wings and handed the Key to Hell to him, telling him, "I once swore that I would destroy you...perhaps it will destroy you and perhaps it won't. But I doubt it will make your life any easier."

Lucifer then disappears, leaving his former realm locked, and the problems of dealing with it in Dream's hands. The dead returned to Earth, and the various gods from numerous pantheons, and other interested parties, began arriving in the Dreaming to petition for possession of the Key or to request the realm stay closed. Eventually, the rule of Hell was decided, but Lucifer had nothing further to do with it. He had retired. He was last seen on the beach in Perth, Australia watching the sunset with an old man who told him he'd had "a shit of a life" but that any God that "can do sunsets like that, a different one every've gotta respect...."  Lucifer admitted the old man had a point, and that the sunsets were bloody marvelous.

Lucifer appeared briefly in The Kindly Ones, living in Los Angeles as the owner of and pianist at The Lux. The angel Remiel appeared and asked Lucifer to relieve him of the rulership of Hell. Lucifer laughed in his face.

Delirium then came to ask Lucifer to help Dream against the Furies. Lucifer told her that her brother was beyond help.

Time on Earth Edit

After abandoning Hell, Lucifer appeared in the 2006 spin-off of the same name, depicting his adventures on Earth, Heaven, and in the various other realms of creation, and in uncreated voids.

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