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The Liber Fulvarum Paginarum, also known as Magdalene Grimoire is a powerful book of magic.




John Hathaway stole this book from the British Museum for Roderick Burgess because Burgess promised that he would use it to summon Death and resurrect Hathaway's son who had been killed in action during the Great War.

Burgess used a spell from the book to summon and trap Death in order to become immortal, but the spell captured her brother, Dream, instead.

His son, Alex, kept the grimoire for years, reading the same page over and over again.


  • The book's title is a dog Latin* phrase for "the book of yellow pages". The book is later referred to as the Liber Fulvarum Paginarum. It has also been cited as the Liber Paginarum Fulvarum in the novel Good Omens (1990), which Gaiman wrote in collaboration with Terry Pratchett who said, "Liber Paginarum Fulvarum is a kind of shared gag. It's in the dedication of Equal Rites (1987), too. Although I think we've got the shade of yellow wrong -- I think there's another Latin word for a kind of yellow which is closer to the Yellow Pages colour." In Pratchett's Discworld books, its other alternate title is the Necrotelecomnicon.
  • One of the spells of the book —the same used to trap Morpheus for years— is used twice by Heather After.
* Dog Latin refers to the creation of a phrase or jargon in imitation of Latin, often by "translating" English words into Latin by conjugating or declining them as if they were Latin words.