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This article is about the character in The Doll's House. For other titles related to "Sandman", see Sandman.
This article is about Hector Hall from the comic series. You may be looking for Hector Hall from the Netflix adaptation.

Hector Hall was the son of Carter and Shiera Hall, the Golden Age heroes known as Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

In the Dream Stream, he was a superhero calling himself "The Sandman".


JLA Sandman

Mortal Life[]

Hector's parents, Carter Hall and Shiera Hall, were reincarnations of an ancient Egyptian prince and his wife, both of whom had been killed and cursed by their rival Hath-Set.

As a young man, Hector enrolled at UCLA and met his childhood friend, Lyta Trevor. The two began to date and fell in love. The two decided to apply for membership in the Justice Society of America, but would be turned down due to their age and inexperience. Not willing to give up, they applied again. Feeling sympathy for the youngsters, the Star-Spangled Kid decided to leave the JSA in order to create a new group, calling themselves Infinity, Inc.

The team would publicly divulge their secret identities, and Hector also announced his engagement to Lyta. They would have little time to enjoy their happiness as the entity that had been within him since his birth came forth, thanks to the manipulation of Hath-Set. The reincarnated Silver Scarab fought Infinity, Inc. alongside Hath-Set and summoned the Eye of Ra. The heroes managed to win, but at the cost of Hector's life. As he died, he learned that Lyta was carrying his child.

The Dream Dome[]

Hector would manage to cheat death: his consciousness had been cast into the Dreaming, where it was discovered by Brute and Glob, servants of Morpheus, the Sandman. Left loose following the imprisonment of Morpheus during the first half of the 20th century, Brute and Glob had taken to recruiting mortals as surrogate "masters of dreams," whom they hoped to use as a means to create their own dream kingdom. Hector was one such pawn, and he adopted the costumed identity of the Sandman, previously used by Brute and Glob's former "master" Dr. Garrett Sanford, who had killed himself after losing his sanity in their "Dream Stream."

In his new persona, Hector could only leave his pocket "dream dimension" for one hour a day. He increasingly made use of this time to visit Lyta in her dreams. He told Lyta of his new role and asked her to marry him. She agreed, and the two of them departed for the Dreaming. Unbeknownst to both, the "dream dimension" was nothing more than a pocket universe inside the mind of Jed Walker, whom Brute and Glob had imprisoned.[1] Inside, Hector and Lyta slowly started to lose touch with reality, and Lyta's pregnancy had completely halted for nearly two years. As Lyta started to drift off, Hector became more obsessed with his role as the Sandman, and devolved to a flamboyant superhero who fought nonsensical battles against the weak villains of the dimension.

It was only two years later that Morpheus escaped his captivity, and set about putting the Dreaming back into order. Eventually, his attention fell on Brute and Glob. Ending their schemes, Morpheus returned Hector to the realm of the dead, and laid a claim on his yet-to-be-born son, Daniel,[2] who was destined to become the next Lord of Dreams.





Lyta Hall[]

Powers and Abilities[]

Sand Cartridges[]

Sandman's belt houses cartridges with special sand. When thrown into people's eyes, this sand puts them to sleep.

Hypno-sonic Whistle[]

The Sandman has a whistle which emits an ultrasonic sound. He usually uses this whistle to remotely open Brute and Glob's cages, so that they would ride the sonic waves and join him on his adventures. However, the same whistle can be used as a weapon as well: its sound can damage electronics[3] or dissolve nightmare monsters.[4]

Behind the Scenes[]