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Donna Cavanagh, also known by her stage name Foxglove, is a character in The Sandman.


Donna was first mentioned in the sixth issue of The Sandman. At the time, the young Donna was in a tumultuous relationship with Judy, which ended badly as Judy was abusive. Judy was later one of several people held by John Dee in a diner and made to kill herself. Judy's death comes back to haunt Foxglove later in the story. Donna took the name Foxglove after Judy's death.

Sometime later, Foxglove was living with her new girlfriend, Hazel, a chef. They eventually moved in together and were residents of the same apartment building as Barbie, Wanda, and Thessaly, a witch. After an attack on the women by a creature called the Cuckoo that lived in the Dreaming, Thessaly took Hazel and Foxglove with her into the Dreaming to find and kill the creature.

It was during this time that Hazel revealed she had had a one night stand with a man and had gotten pregnant. Foxglove eventually forgave her, and the two decided to raise the child together. When they returned to the real world, their friend Wanda had been killed and their home destroyed.

Death: The High Cost of Living []

In the Sandman spin-off mini-series Death: The High Cost of Living, Foxglove had embarked on a new career as a singer and songwriter. After a Xerxes Record Company executive spoke to Sexton Furnival at her gig, he reevaluated his opinion that she was just a Michele Shocked/Suzanne Vega retread since Sexton liked Foxglove's performance. She was given a shot at a record contract.

Hazel gave birth to Alvie just as Foxglove's career took off. The family moved to Los Angeles. Foxglove was warned not to go by her manager.On the road, she began to have a series of one night stands.

Death: The Time of Your Life[]

By the time of the sequel Death: The Time of Your Life (1996), Foxglove has become the "queen of acoustic rock and roll." She has a new album and is appearing on the David Letterman show, but her relationship with Hazel is troubled, due to the stresses of newfound success. When Hazel's son Alvie is accidentally killed, Hazel makes a deal with Death; that she will go to her in one year in Alvie's place if the boy is allowed to live.

Foxglove starts to believe that she doesn't love Hazel anymore, but after the incident with Alvie, she went to Death's realm and offers herself in place of Hazel. In the end, her bodyguard takes her place and dies for Alvie. She and Hazel then retire to suburbia to raise Alvie.