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This article is about Gilbert from the comic series. You may be looking for Gilbert from the Netflix adaptation.

Fiddler's Green is a sentient part of the Dreaming which all travelers - especially sailors - apparently dream of someday finding. This dream sometimes likes to take human form, and go wandering. He used the alias Gilbert during these trips.


Some years after Dream was captured by Roderick Burgess, Fiddler's Green decided to assume the form of a man and made his way to the waking world to live like a regular person. In The Doll's House arc, he helps Rose Walker to find her brother, Jed. When Jed went missing, she was warned about the Corinthian by the Three and decided to travel to Florida to find her brother. In the house where she was living, was also living Fiddler's Green, then known as Gilbert.

When Rose received a call from the detectives she had hired to find her brother, and was told he was in Georgia, Gilbert decides to go with her.[1] Somewhere on the journey, they had problems with the car they were traveling in and were forced to spend the night in the closest hotel.[2] In the same hotel, there was a serial killer convention being held; the Corinthian—a nightmare who also left the Dreaming—was one of the guests.

Gilbert recognized the Corinthian when they met in an elevator and got "a bad feeling". He then handed Rose a piece of paper with the word "Morpheus" written on it and told her to call the name if she was in danger while he was away. The next day, one of the conventioneers tried to rape Rose.

When Rose called Morpheus's name, he showed up and saved Rose from the killer. When she finally left the hotel, very confused about the events that had just occurred, Gilbert appeared, carrying Jed, whom he found in the Corinthian's car.[3] Jed was then transported to a hospital, where Gilbert visited him. In one of the visits, Gilbert found Matthew, who was also visiting the boy, following Dream's orders. Gilbert realized that Matthew's true task was to return him to the Dreaming. The raven told him about Rose Walker being a vortex, and together they journeyed back into the Dreaming to save her.[4]

Gilbert and Matthew returned to the Dreaming just as Morpheus was about to take Rose's life. Gilbert pleaded that Morpheus took his life instead of hers, but Morpheus told him that it wasn't possible. Gilbert then apologized, and after saying goodbye to Rose, re-assumed his position as a place in the Dreaming.[5] At the end of the arc, it is implied, though not outright stated, that he was "in love, a little" with Rose.

Gilbert was killed by the Furies in The Kindly Ones[6]. The new Dream attempted to resurrect him but the almost-alive Gilbert stated that if he did "my death would have no meaning."  Acquiescing, Dream stopped the process.[7]

Physical Appearance[]

Fiddler's Green's most common human form is that of a kind, portly middle aged man who strongly resembles the late author, G. K. Chesterton, not only in his physical appearance but also in his love of paradoxes, which tend to give Rose Walker headaches.




Rose Walker[]

Rose and Gilbert met as they were both Hal's tennants and soon became close friends, as he went with her in her travel to find her brother Jed. He was very protective of Rose and cared for her enough to be willing to offer his own life to save Rose's. It was implied —though not confirmed— that Gilbert's feelings for her were romantic.






G. K. Chesterton's eclecticism has notably influenced Gaiman.