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Esther Finch is a witch that gained eternal life through a deal with Lilith, but she has chilling methods to keep from looking her age. She's out for vengeance against the Dead Boy Detectives after they deprive her and her giant pet snake of a victim.


Becoming immortal[]

Esther was a pioneer in the 16th century. She was a quiet and happily married woman, but one day she discovered that her husband was being unfaithful and she, heartbroken and furious, searched for his mother's secrets books of blasphemous magic and began to learn witchcraft. She used the magic she learned to kill her husband and her lover, but upon seeing the opportunities that magic gave her, she began to delve deeper and deeper into the world of witchcraft, delving deeper into black magic.

As she aged, her magic became stronger, but not satisfied with that, she decided to seek immortality. Through an ancient ritual, she invoked Lilith, the Goddess of wronged women, and asked her to make her immortal. The Goddess granted her wish, but since she was not specific, she did not ask for eternal youth, so Esther would continue to age but would never die .[1]

Desperate for not wanting to be a living skeleton, she searched for a solution for years and found it, she got a magic snake which devoured the vital essence of young girls and gave it to Esther to stay young, Esther continued with this horrible practice for hundreds of years. Because of her crimes she was persecuted by angry mobs for centuries, but eventually learned to blend in better.

Waging war with the Dead Boys[]

Netflix Dead Boy Detectives 101 The Case of Crystal Palace 05 Esther

Esther paralyzes Crystal

Esther returns home to discover that the Dead Boy Detectives and Crystal Palace have broken into her home in an attempt to save little Becky Aspen from being eaten by Esther's snake. She first confronts Crystal and leaves her incapacitated, at which point, the Boys charge at her, but knocks them with her iron cane. In an attempt to buy them some time, Crystal grabs Esther by the legs, allowing her into Esther's mind, thus leaving Esther in a weakened state temporarily. She tries to crawl to safety, but Charles possesses her temporarily, until Esther forces him out by smashing her head into a pillar multiple times. Before retreating back inside, she warns them that they've made themselves an enemy.[2]

After learning that the Boys are trapped in town, Esther begins concocting a plan to seek her revenge for them taking Becky. She starts by performing a spell to turn Monty, her crow familiar, into a charming young boy.[3]

Esther has tasked Monty with gaining the Dead Boys' trust completely. Monty is upset as he was supposed to see Edwin today, but they got distracted by another case, leading Esther to suspect that he may not be trying hard enough. A large banging sound shakes the house, it is Esther snake, who is hungry due to the Dead Boys having taken Becky Aspen. As Monty recalls, Esther stood bleeding on the shores so that Lilith would come out of the ocean and grant her immortal life. She never said Esther had to stay young and beautiful. Those are her own aspirations. Esther becomes enraged, gripping Monty and telling him to never mention Lilith's name again, as she tricked Esther. What good is living forever if you're simply going to wither away, Esther remarks. If having to feed her snake a generation of little girls to maintain her beauty is the price to pay, then so be it. Unfortunately, the Dead Boys continue to get in her way, which is why she needs Monty to do his job.[4]

Killing Monty[]

Esther is cooking up some revenge and instructs Monty to be prepared to lure the Dead Boys into the forest. As for Crystal, without the Boys, she'll be snake food in no time. Esther suspects that Monty may be getting too attached to Edwin, but he simply claims they may be too smart to take the case. Esther has already done most of the work, and tells Monty all he has to do is leave a trail of breadcrumbs to bring it home. Unfortunately, the plan is foiled by Monty's human emotions and the Cat King. Esther blames Monty for letting them escape and getting too attached. Monty tells her that he never asked to be human and be burden with feelings. Esther is furious and kills Monty with a blade before tearing apart his human body and releasing the crow within. Esther is now forced to take a more direct approach, confronting the Boys and Crystal with a Forest Elemental named Teeth Face, who she instructs to eat them. Unfortunately, Crystal taps into her untapped power and convinces Teeth Face to return to its realm. Teeth Face does exactly that, taking Esther with him, trapping her in another elemental realm.[5]

Draining Edwin of his energy[]

Esther returns to earth after having pulled herself from the dirt and pays the Cat King a visit. Esther is frustrated and threatens to take it out on the Cat King, but magic doesn't work on him due to him not being a normal being. However, she takes her cane and beats him over the head repeatedly, killing him and leaving him a bloody pulp, costing the Cat King his third of nine lives. However, she does learn from him that Edwin escaped Hell. A tortured ghost whose escaped Hell, that is fascinating to Esther, as Edwin can give her power; she intends to build a device that can take a ghost's pain and turn it into the most delicious, raw and magical power. His anguish will give her new power like a battery, and she's going to use that power to make the town worship her.[6]

After successfully building her machine and testing it out on a random ghost, Esther blows up Jenny's shop and abducts Edwin and Charles. She leaves the latter chained in her kitchen whilst focusing all her attention on Edwin, who she has strapped to her machine, which she then turns on. Crystal has broken into her house and attacks Esther, first throwing black salt at her, however, Esther is a much more powerful witch thanks to the power boost from Edwin and is hardly fazed by the salt. Crystal then tries to kill Esther with her own sacrificial knife but misses. Esther counters and knocks Crystal back down.

In a last ditch effort to distract her, Crystal tries to reason with Esther, sympathizing with her past traumas. Just as it seems Crystal may be getting through to Esther, Niko drops the keys as she's attempting to free Edwin, alerting Esther, who knocks her against the wall. Niko jumps back to her feet and jumps into front of Crystal, sacrificing herself as Esther, who shoots a magical shard her way. Niko blocks Crystal from the attack but is impaled in the heart and dies almost instantly. Crystal charges at Esther and goes into her mind. There, Crystal calls out to Lilith, reveling that Esther took her gift and then killed hundreds of little girls to stay young, asking who gets justice for them. When Crystal and Esther return back to their bodies, Charles has manages to kill the snake with a single cuts, thus depowering Esther, taking away her strength and youthfulness, leaving her old and wrinkled, at which point, Lilith arrives to make Esther answer for her crimes, dragging her away and shutting the door behind her.[1]

Physical Appearance[]

Esther looks like a beautiful woman of average height. She has light skin, is slim with golden blonde hair and blue eyes. Despite her youthful appearance, she is hundreds of years old.


Esther used to be kind and simple but after her husband's infidelity she became cruel and vengeful, as well as very ambitious, wanting to be more powerful with magic.

She was also quite vain, becoming quite ruthless since she was willing to kill in order to remain beautiful.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Immortality: Esther is granted the gift of eternal life after having made a deal with Lilith.
  • Magic: Being a witch, Esther possesses mastery and knowledge of magic, specializing in dark magic.
    • Transmutation: Esther can transmute matter through spells and rituals, a clear example is when she converted Monty, her familiar, from a crow to a human.
    • Telekinesis: Esther can move and lift objects with her mind or with a gesture of her hands.
    • Invocation: Esther can summon entities from other planes and dimensions, as was the case with Lilith.
    • Aerokinesis: Esther can control and manipulate smoke, with the smoke from her pipe she was able to burst a girl's balloons.
    • Electrokinesis: Esther can create and manipulate electricity, she is even capable of conjuring an electrical storm with just the blow of her staff.
    • Energy Projection: Esther can shoot powerful beams of bright yellow magical energy from her hands.


  • Aging: While she was given eternal life by Lilith, Esther forgot to include Eternal Youth in her request. Thus, while Esther cannot die and can live for hundreds of years, she is still affectd by aging. This has caused Esther to use other methods to maintain her physical beauty and youth. The method she accomplish to do this involved her acquiring a gigantic snake that devours the life energies of young girls to then give to Esther to help her remain physically young, with this method only being valid as long as the snake lives.


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