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Erasmus Fry was a writer who could not write. In the spring of 1927, he decided to do something about it.


He traveled with a purpose, on Mount Helicon, he discovered Calliope the muse, bathing in a stream, and she had left her scroll on the shore. She was startled by the appearance of Fry, bearing flowers of Moly in one hand and her scroll in the other. When she told him her name, he burned her scroll, she became his slave. In mythology, the best way to get a muse to grant an artist inspiration was to woo her; to be humble and gracious, thankful for any and everything she grants. Fry, had no time for such things when rape was so much more efficient.

After a long a successful career built on forcing inspiration from her, another writer, Richard Madoc, traded a bezoar to Fry for custody of the muse. Fry's advice was simply, "They say one ought to woo her kind, but I must say I found force most efficacious."

During a television interview, many years later, Madoc was told that Fry died nearly a year before, he assumed that Fry had died of old age but was told that Fry had actually poisoned himself after writing a letter begging his publishers to bring a book of his back into print.  Ironic, since bezoars were known to be proof against poison.