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The dreamstones are twelve magical objects crafted by Dream of the Endless. The most powerful of these stones, the Dream Ruby, serves as Dream's symbol of power, along with the helm and the sand pouch.


After Dream was captured by Roderick Burgess, his objects of office were taken from him and eventually were scattered.

In 1930 Ruthven Sykes seduced Burgess' mistress, Ethel Cripps, and the pair fled the Order and England, but not before first stealing a number of treasures from the Order including the helmet, ruby, and pouch of sand.

In 1989, Ethel traveled to Gotham after a decade-long search for her son. She visited Arkham Asylum and was briefly reunited with her son, John Dee aka Doctor Destiny, where she gave him the Ruby stolen from Dream of the Endless and an amulet given by a demon.

Dee then escapes from Arkham Asylum. At a diner nearby, he distorts reality for those inside it, using them as toys until they all ultimately murder each other or themselves. When Dream arrives and attempts to take the ruby, he is overpowered by Dee.

Eventually, thinking it will kill Dream, Dee shatters the ruby, inadvertently returning its power to Dream. Dream shows mercy and returns Dee to Arkham Asylum rather than destroying him.

Rose Quartz[]

Ages ago Dream created the Rose Quartz as part of the deal he made with Alianora.

Two years after Barbie stopped dreaming due to Rose Walker's powers Martin Ten Bones went to the waking world to find his princess and give to her the Dreamstone.



Known Dreamstones[]

  • Dream Ruby: Also known as the Materioptikon, the biggest and the most powerful of all. It was discovered, and eventually destroyed, by Doctor Destiny.
  • Rose Quartz: Also known as the Porpentine, it was originally given to Alianora by Morpheus. It was destroyed by Barbie.
  • Emerald: Also known as the Eagle Stone, it was given to Daniel Hall by Morpheus.
  • Fire Opal
  • Black Pearl
  • Topaz

Known Holders[]