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The Helmet of Dreams is a mask-like helm owned by Dream. It serves as one of his three symbols of power along with the sand pouch and the Dreamstone. The helm serves as his sigil.



The helm was crafted by Dream from the spine and skull of a god eons ago. Dream used the helm to serve as his sigil.

In 1916, Dream was captured by an occultist, Roderick Burgess. In 1930, Roderick's assistant, Ruthven Sykes, stole the helmet and fled to San Francisco. By December, a demon, Choronzon, bargained with Sykes for the helmet, and in exchange, Chorozon provided Sykes an amulet that would protect him from magic.

For seventy years, the helm remained in Chorozon's keep. After Dream freed himself from Burgess' prison, he set off to reclaim his symbols of power. Venturing down to Hell, Dream was forced to accept a challenge from Choronzon for the helm. The challenge was a duel of wits, with all of reality serving as their battlefield. Dream bested Choronzon and reclaimed his helm.

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