"Eblis O'Shaughnessy: you were created and gifted by five of the Endless, but you can neither dream nor, ultimately, destroy, and that shall be your triumph and that shall be your tragedy." ~Destiny

Like the rest of his siblings, Destiny is neither a mortal being nor a god; he is the personification of Destiny itself. As the universe came into being, so it would be that it would come to its final destiny, its end. Also Destiny is the only member of the Endless that is not created by Neil Gaiman.


A blind man, Destiny appears as a man cloaked and hooded an indeterminate color of brown, grey, and sometimes purple. He is chained to a book which contains the story of everyone and everything. Sometimes things appear in his book before they happen, and sometimes as they happen. Destiny’s realm is “his Garden”, a hedge maze which can be reached through all mazes. At its center is his castle, complete with silent “fluttering” attendants. If family meetings are called, Destiny is usually the host.

Destiny rarely, if ever, actively involves himself in anything. His duty is merely to read and observe through his book, and he carries it out assiduously. But every great once in a while something will make him step beyond the normal bounds of his duty. To his surprise, the Three Fates appeared in his garden, and he called a family meeting for a purpose unknown even to him. At the meeting Desire taunted Dream for condemning a former lover to Hell. Death agreed with Desire, that Dream had been unfair, and so Dream left to free the woman from imprisonment. As soon as Dream left, Destiny declared the meeting over. Fate had taken a hand with Destiny.

Despite Destiny being regarded by the Endless as the wisest of the Endless, Delirium has pointed out that “there are some things that are not in your book.”  This is proven by the fact that even Destiny does not know why Delight became Delirium.

Destiny rarely displays any personality; he is mostly shown to be stoic and unmoved, with no emotional response.  Destiny focuses solely on his purpose, and as such discourages most of the Endless' tampering with the mortal realm.  Destiny does at times express discomfort at certain moments, and even does try to give ambiguous suggestions to his siblings who seek his guidance.

It also seems that in the future, Mister E and Timothy Hunter went to the end of everything, solely two beings exist, Destiny and his sister Death. It seems that at last she has come to take him and at last he can lay down his burden, turn the final page of his book, and close it, something he seems very grateful to her for letting him do. After he closes the book he begins to shimmer and disappear...leaving only Death, E, Tim and Yo-Yo behind, though in the end he was the second-last being to exist.

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