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Choronzon is an anthropomorphic demon with pink skin and two mouths. It is the High Duke of the Eighth Circle and Captain of the Horde of Lord Beelzebub.


In December of 1930, it was Choronzon who was summoned by Ruthven Sykes, and it traded an amulet of protection to the mortal for Dream's stolen helm. When Dream went to Hell to retrieve his helm, Choronzon insisted that the helm had been acquired in a fair trade, and it had broken none of the laws of Hell, if the Dream Lord wanted his property back, he would have to challenge Choronzon for it. Dream then duly challenged Choronzon.

As the challenged, Choronzon set the meter and made the first move; the consequences for loss were dire: "If you win, I will return your helmet. If you lose, you will ssserve as a plaything of Hell for eternity. Our ssslave."

They played the oldest game. "There are many ways to lose the oldest games. Failure of nerve, hesitation, being unable to shift into a defensive shape. Lack of imagination."  The two beings took turns offering themselves as things such as dire wolves, oxen, and nova, each of which had to be countered by the other contestant. When Chorozon offered itself as anti-life, sure of  success, Dream countered with Hope. Choronzon had no response, and so lost the challenge.

Dream's helm was returned, and Choronzon was wrapped in barbed wire and taken away, Lucifer ordering "Take this pathetic creature from our sight."

Choronzon later reappeared briefly in Season of Mists as a hostage and offering from Azazel to Morpheus, should the Dream Lord give the key of Hell to the demons.

It was also seen in the Lucifer spin-off series.