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The Cat King is a seductive shapeshifting trickster cat spirit with nine lives, who protects all cats and takes a keen interest in Edwin Payne.



Physical Appearance[]

Feline Form[]

In its human form it looks like a common yellow angora cat

Human Form[]

In his human form he is an attractive young man with Caucasian skin, curly brown hair, a semi-cropped beard and has slanted feline eyes with yellow sclera and slanted bright green pupils, being his distinctive feature.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Shapeshifting: The Cat King can change his physical appearance, with his main forms being his human one and a cat. He also can change his clothes with a purple fire.
  • Immortality: The Cat King is an immortal being. He is not subject to disease or old age.
    • Resurrection: The Cat King unable to die, hence he is immortal. He still can be injured, wounded and killed like a normal human, but when killed he is resurrected after a short amount of time as a cat. However, as admitted by him, he only has nine lives, implying that he will die and stay dead once all his lives have been used.
  • Teleportation: The Cat King can teleport himself and others over great distances with ease.
  • Pheromone Control: The Cat King possesses the ability to cast a spell that forced people (or ghosts like Edwin) around him to tell the truth.
  • Binding: The power to bind or trap an individual to a given area.
  • Summoning: The Cat King has the power to summon objects from one location to another.
  • Magic resistance: Not being a common supernatural being, he admits that magic does not work on him, being resistant to spells and curses.


  • Limited Lives:The Cat King has admitted that he only possess nine lives, and if he dies nine times, he will be dead permanently. Currently, the Cat King has lost three of his nine lives, leaving him with six.


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