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Calliope is youngest of the nine Muses of Greek mythology. She is the mother of Orpheus by Dream.


Calliope was once Homer's muse.

In the spring of 1927 at Mount Helicon, Erasmus Fry captured Calliope. He kept her prisoner for decades, raping her for inspiration for his writing, including 'Here Comes a Candle'.

In 1986, Fry sold Calliope to a fellow writer, Richard Madoc. He also holds her as his slave of inspiration, and Madoc obtained great ability in writing. The long abused Calliope then calls upon the trio of witches known by many names, including the Furies, the Kindly Ones, and the Gracious Ladies, for help. They direct her to her old lover, Morpheus, but he was at the time also imprisoned.

After his own release, Dream goes to rescue Calliope. Madoc, however, complains that without her, he will have no ideas, so Morpheus causes him to experience an overabundance of ideas. He cannot concentrate on any one thing and is nearly driven to madness.

Finally, Madoc frees Calliope, who mercifully asks Dream to release Madoc from his torment. Dream complies.